CEO Message

中原 徹也

We want to use the power of software engineering, to boost the digital competitiveness of every company, energizing Japanese society and industry.

Nakahara Tetsuya

President & CEO

Our Group started business as Mamezo Digital Holdings Co., Ltd. on April 1, 2021, moving away from our previous focus on comprehensive IT solutions to make a new start as a digital shift services company.

Japan is becoming a super-aging society with a plummeting birth rate, and we need to engage head-on with the social challenge represented by the imminent rapid decline in the working age population. There are many steps that need to be taken to resolve these problems, including adopting more flexible work styles to combat the growing difficulty of securing a labor force, but intrinsically, the key will certainly be the acquisition of digital competitiveness.

For companies to gain digital competitiveness, they must make a digital shift in terms of personnel, processes, and technologies and pursue software-based innovation. Moreover, software development capacity will be the source of digital competitiveness.

Mamezou, the core of our Group, was launched in 1999 to promote the penetration of software engineering, object-oriented technologies included, into industries and companies. Since the company’s establishment, it has used software engineering to address robotics, AI/IoT-based factory digitalization, on-board ECU integration, and the overhaul of core systems using ERP and Open Source.

Even where there is a digital transformation (DX), object-oriented technologies remain a fundamental technology. We too will constantly pursue technological innovation, seeking to create the customer value that DX brings. We want to use the power of software engineering to boost the digital competitiveness of every company and energize Japanese society and industry. Mamezo Holdings is committed to continuing to push the boundaries to create an infinitely hope-filled future.