Our Solutions


Upgrading to next-generation core systems using digital technologies

Your systems must be able to withstand the challenges of the major business transformations to come. We use Cloud ERP and next-generation development technologies like cloud native technologies, serverless, and software modernization to realize the core systems that serve as the building blocks for your business and your product and service strategies. We also help you build the right platform for your industry.



Achieving rapid business transformation with digital technologies

We use digital technologies and data to help you keep pace with social change. We apply data analysis, AI solutions, and DX promotion methods developed through industry-university partnership to create new services that boost your customer value. Our technologies also open the way for factory-floor DX like RPA.



Making all industries smart and service-driven with robotics

Automation opportunities are increasing in a range of fields, bringing new robotics applications. We will continue to use our robotics and software development skills and experience along with AI and other cutting-edge technologies to provide full support for your robotics development and deployment.



Using our accumulated technology to advance skilled manufacturing

We use IoT to bring more advanced informatization to production lines and develop control systems and devices in new digital fields such as automated driving. Our technologies introduce a software-first approach to support your transition from manufacturing to services.



Training the personnel to realize digital transformation

We help you train the personnel who can make the business-digital connection and digitalize your corporate structure so that you can embrace next-generation core systems and digital technologies. We provide a total service package—from the design of ideal personnel profiles to training including object-oriented technology education and ERP, DX and AI education—to ensure that technology really takes hold in your company.